The Yamaha DX7 defined the 80’s hit-making music by introducing FM synthesis to the masses. The Arturia DX7 V comes complete with a library of all the signature electric pianos, basses, marimbas, synths and more.
While retaining the feel of the original design, Arturia has make it much simpler to use and you can dig deeper when your ready to create you’re own FM patches. If you’re looking for that iconic FM synthesis sound the DX7 V will satisfy the newly initiated and veteran synth players.

The Don Buchla Easel, or Electric Music Box was a different beast. In fact, it makes you think differently about sound right from the start—and the soundscapes you can design with it are as unique as the front panel array. The Buchla Easel V adds some new expansions to the original synthesizer, with more stability, up to 4 voices and 32-step polyphonic Sequencer.

In this video Jerry gets deeper in to the Arturia DX7 V and also gives us a look at the new Buchla Easel V inside of Presonus Studio One.

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The DX7 V sports a stunning interface allowing intuitive control over all of the instrument’s dramatically expanded features. Balancing usability and all the added power in the DX7 V, tabbed windows easily put your fingers on logically grouped functions spanning enhanced operators, additional envelopes, matrix modulation, step sequencer, FX architecture, and more.


  • 32 original DX7 algorithm
  • All DX7 original parameters
  • Original DX7 SysEx import
  • 25 available waveforms per operators
  • 6 Operators with multi-mode filter and feedback per operators
  • DX7, DADSR and Multi-Segments envelopes (syncable and loopable) per operators
  • 2 Modulation envelopes
  • 4 assignable macros
  • Advanced modulation matrix
  • A step sequencer, 2 LFOs with 6 waveforms and an arpeggiator
  • 4 FXs slots that can be routed in parallel or in serie
  • An oscilloscope
  • Vintage and Modern DAC Mode for a proper emulation of the DX7 converter
  • 32 voices of polyphony
  • 4 voices of unison with unison detune
  • 436 factory presets

The Buchla Easel V software version gives you a keyboard interface reminiscent of the later, 1973 version. It has a control interface with knobs and faders, and it also includes a patch bay interface. Arturia has brought this monolithic synthesizer into the 21st century, giving you all the analog glory in a plug-in.

New features unavailable in original Buchla Easel:

  • Four Voices of Polyphony
  • Quantize switch allows you to quantize oscillators to chromatic scale
  • Noise and feedback generators in pre-amp section
  • Self-trigger mode turns envelope generator into low-frequency oscillator (LFO)
  • MIDI Learn lets you control parameters with your MIDI controller
  • 32-step polyphonic sequencer with voltage transpose
  • Five Function Generators to create custom voltage curves
  • Gravity Universe, a Voltage control lab that visually represents your waves and oscillators
  • Dual effects section with assignable effects including phaser, chorus, delay, analog delay, overdrive, distortion, reverb and compression

Buy DX7 V Buchla Easel V Bundle