How to Make Your First Beat

Music producers most often learn to make music by creating simple beats. Beat-making can be your entire career—especially in the world of hip-hop. For beginners, however, creating a simple beat can be challenging.

Basic Audio Effects Every Vocalist Should Know

In order to master an art, you need to know all the basics before you can move onto the more technical stuff and increase your skill level. Mastering vocals and music production isn’t anything different. Sure, listening to pop music and funky soundtracks is easy and liberating, but the process and skills behind the final… Read More

musician making beats on his laptop

3 Beat Making Tips for Beginners

Making beats is not as easy as it may seem, especially if you’re starting and have no know-how of any equipment, techniques, or skills. It can get frustrating at times if you’re unable to create the sounds and tracks you want. Fortunately, this is why we’re here to help make the process a lot easier… Read More

Top 3 Vocal Effects Tricks and How to Use Them

Mastering the art of vocals requires a lot of practice, knowledge, and skills. However, today you have recording software and plug-ins to help you adjust, tamper and even eliminate unnecessary vocal from your tracks. With vocals being an essential part of your songs, you need to learn how to manipulate tracks, making your vocals stand… Read More

Musician playing an acoustic guitar

How to Learn Guitar: 3 Tips for Beginners

Watching people effortlessly play the guitar and create beautiful melodies is truly a memorable experience. It’s different from listening to music on your phone or radio and inspires you to get yourself a guitar and dabble at it, only to realize it’s not as easy as it may seem. Truth be told, mastering any instrument… Read More

Secrets to Success: How To Get Outstanding Drum Sounds

Drums and bass are the foundation of any good song or track. You can’t capture the listeners’ attention without loud drums banging in the background. Even though they’re one of the easiest sound effects to add to your tracks, there’s a fine line between pros and amateur work. This blog will teach you how to… Read More

5 Ways To Improve Your Studio In 2021

A music studio has to be one of the coolest features in your home. It allows you to be creative, learn new skills and perfect your sound without ever having to leave the house. With the world being chaotic, artists, musicians, and hobbyists can have a little haven for their art. But when playing around… Read More

Mixing Vocals: The Definitive Guide

Being a sound music producer is no joke; you need to learn proper techniques and methods to get the best melodies and tracks. Sure, recording and editing software makes the job much easier, but a grasp of mixing styles and various techniques is still vital if you want to make a name for yourself in… Read More