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DAW Plugins: What are They and Why Do You Need Them?

Plugins can be highly confusing for a newbie music producer. There are many DAW plugin options out there, to begin with. Additionally, there are also many different types of plugins available within these. In this blog, you will learn what plugins are and why they can be essential elements in your music production arsenal. What… Read More

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Ear Fatigue: Its Impact on Music Producing and What to do About it

For many of us, our ears are our livelihoods, and we often don’t take the best care of them. We can get so engrossed in the next track we’re working on in our audio editing software that we forget to take preventative measures. Aside from tinnitus and other ear-related issues, an insidious hearing issue that… Read More

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How to Create an Expert “Wobbly Bass” Effect

A wobbly baseline is common in electronic dance music such as drum and bass, house, and dubstep.  There are multiple ways you can incorporate a wobbly bass effect in your music pieces. This blog will walk you through the most convenient and efficient options to create a killer wobbly bass effect using recording software. Get… Read More

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4 Advantages of Using an Audio Editing Software

Audio editing software will create a soundtrack through synchronizing, adding effects to, enhancing, cutting, and piecing together various parts of the mix or track.  In this blog, you will learn the top advantages of using audio editing software to create the ultimate soundtrack.  1. It Can Handle Large Sound Files When you edit using a… Read More

How an Audio Editing Software Can Help You

Hiring an audio editor for your music production can be very costly. On average, a freelance audio editor charges at least $17 per hour. And if you’re looking for an experienced one, the charges might be higher. However, with the help of audio editing software, you can not only save your money but also create… Read More

3 Functions of Auto-Tune You Didn’t Know

Music producers new to the industry often don’t realize the importance of using auto-tuning. This blog post will highlight some important functions. Correcting Music Pitch Auto-tune can help beginners as well as experts measure and alter the pitch of their recorded music without any hassle. Whether you’re using vocals or instrumentals, an auto-tuning tool can… Read More

How to Select the Best Recording Software

Music has always been an important part of our lives. The American youth not only listens to music but also loves producing it and experimenting with it. That’s where good music recording software comes into the picture. A Music recording software allows both professionals as well as beginners to make great music without any hassle…. Read More