Welcome to our our Q&A, FAQ and video tutorial section, collectively called our Knowledgebase. Here you will find the top FAQ’s from dozens of manufacturers sites. No more going from one site to another trying to figure out what one piece of software doesn’t talk to another! We have located all this info in one place for you.

The Q&A forums are for members to help members with questions that might not be located in the FAQ section. It’s also a great place to seek help from those more experienced than you about particular issues you might run into. Or just share their tips and secrets about all things software.

Lastly we have our video tutorial section. These videos are narrated and filmed by our award winning good friend Jerry Mateo. Jerry has a lot of experience using different combinations of software with various DAWS in ways you might not have thought of before. There are always coupons for these bundles at the end of every video as well, so be sure you watch all the way through.

This is a new section of RecordingSoftware.com and we are working hard to make it relevant and useful for all. Please drop us a line if you have any ideas, or comments about how we can improve.