Nothing says ‘80s like the sound of the Yamaha DX7
The Arturia DX7 V comes complete with a library of all the signature 80’s hit-making FM sounds like electric pianos, basses, marimbas, synths and more.
While retaining the feel of the original design, Arturia has make it much simpler to use and you can dig deeper when your ready to create you’re own FM patches. If you’re looking for that iconic FM synthesis sound the DX7 V will satisfy the newly initiated and veteran synth players.

Neutron 2 Advanced has 6 zero-latency modules – Gate, a static/dynamic Equalizer, two multiband Compressors, a multiband Exciter, and a multiband Transient Shaper, as well as an ultra low-latency True Peak Limiter. With these you can control every aspect of your music, from the visual soundstage of your tracks to the tonal balance of your mix.

In this video Jerry gives us a good helping of the features of Arturia DX7 V and polishes it off with iZotope Neutron 2 Advanced inside of PreSonus Studio One.

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iZotope Neutron Advanced
Achieve a clear, well-balanced mix with Neutron’s innovative new mixing and analysis tools. Control every aspect of your music, from the visual soundstage of your tracks to the tonal balance of your mix—all with iZotope’s award-winning digital signal processing.

Tonal Balance Control
Visual Mixer
Masking Meter
Improved Track Assistant
Improved Neutrino Mode
EQ, with EQ Learn
Transient Shaper
Surround Support
Over 500 Presets

Arturia DX7 V
The DX7 V gives you a unique tool for customizing and creating new musical instruments and sound effects.
With its radical departure from analog designs, FM synthesis helps you chart new sonic spaces. The DX7 V is capable of producing an incredible spectrum of sounds ranging from natural-sounding instruments to unique synths to alien worlds—complete with all the crystal clarity and punchy transients uniquely associated with FM. Since having an instrument with such extreme depth and potential is the dream of every sonic explorer, we challenged ourselves to go even further. We added a host of new features including multiple waveforms, a filter and feedback loop on each operator, new modulation sources, a monster unison mode, and more.


  • 32 original DX7 algorithm
  • All DX7 original parameters
  • Original DX7 SysEx import
  • 25 available waveforms per operators
  • 6 Operators with multi-mode filter and feedback per operators
  • DX7, DADSR and Multi-Segments envelopes (syncable and loopable) per operators
  • 2 Modulation envelopes
  • 4 assignable macros
  • Advanced modulation matrix
  • A step sequencer, 2 LFOs with 6 waveforms and an arpeggiator
  • 4 FXs slots that can be routed in parallel or in serie
  • An oscilloscope
  • Vintage and Modern DAC Mode for a proper emulation of the DX7 converter
  • 32 voices of polyphony
  • 4 voices of unison with unison detune
  • 436 factory presets

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