Over the last 10 years digital guitar effects and mobile guitar apps have changed the way guitarists play and record. Positive Grid is at the top of the game when it comes to modeled amps and effects.
Positive Grid BIAS FX is a detailed and authentic emulation of analog pedals and studio racks, it has dual custom BIAS Amp Match models integration and dual signal chain.
BIAS FX is equipped with the most advanced DSP sound engine with a beautifully designed interface, it’s seamlessly integrated with BIAS Amp Designer

FabFilter is known for making unique audio processing plug-ins, ranging from resonating filters to transparent high-end EQ and dynamics processing.
FabFilter Pro-MB is a realistic sounding stereo tape delay with filtering and modulation. You can use an XY, XLFO, an envelope generator or envelope follower to modulate any parameter of either the delay or the filters and it will sync to your DAW.

In this video Jerry runs us through some of the features of Positive Grid Bias Effects and adds some compression with FabFilter Pro-MB Compressor.

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Positive Grid BIAS FX
BIAS FX is designed from the ground up with no-compromise mindset on sound quality, it comes with all the greatest and latest algorithms from our audio signal processing research, it provides significantly detailed and authentic emulation of analog pedals and studio racks, it has dual custom BIAS Amp Match models integration and dual signal chain.


  • Unrivalled, component-level simulation, analog-like sound quality
  • Extremely intuitive operation makes BIAS FX a breeze to use
  • 25 high-quality effect pedals with brand new sound-processing algorithms (many more are coming)
  • 5 ultra-professional rack processors that sound like high-end analog gear (many more are coming)
  • 12 classic amps, import unlimited amp models from BIAS AMP
  • Full integration with BIAS Amp gives you unprecedented control over designing your own fully customized dream amps
  • Dual signal path and dual amp processing
  • Brand new splitter switches between and combines dual signal paths, adjusting the level and frequency range for each path to give you more tone-shaping possibilities
  • Live View mode lets you recall any preset with a single tap and toggle on/off any single effect or category of effects
  • Pedalboard View shows all the effects and amps in the currently loaded preset at once
  • Global Settings optimizes BIAS FXäó»s output to sound the best in any environmentäóîincluding sending to a mixer, amp head or combo or stack power ampäóîby letting you EQ and selectively deactivate the appäó»s preamp, tonestack, power amp and cab separately for each destination.
  • iOS only, Inter App Audio compatibility lets you insert other Inter App Audio apps in any place in your BIAS FX signal path

FabFilter Pro-MB
Multiband dynamics processing, whether it’s compression, limiting, or expanding, can really help control the elements in your mix. The FabFilter Pro-MB is a multi-use dynamic processor that includes compression, limiting, and expansion as well as gating. FabFilter has not only continued their trend of making complex effects processors easy to navigate (via their help icons and guides), but they’ve gone ahead and made many of the issues that can plague multiband processing obsolete.


  • Up to six processing bands, freely placed anywhere in the spectrum
  • Bands can be easily snapped together to form a traditional crossover system
  • Handles any form of dynamics processing, from highly transparent compression, limiting and expansion to pumping upward compression and punchy gating
  • Unique Dynamic Phase processing mode featuring zero latency, no static phase changes and no pre-ringing artifacts
  • Excellent Linear Phase processing mode, eliminating audible artifacts when quickly changing crossover frequencies
  • Minimum Phase processing mode
  • Up to four times linear-phase oversampling to reduce aliasing
  • Fully customizable per band
  • Steepness of each crossover slope can be freely adjusted between 6 dB/oct and 48 dB/oct
  • Intelligent, highly program- and frequency-dependent attack and release curves adjust depending on presets and compression type
  • Global dry/wet mix from 0% (no wet signal) to 200% (double the wet signal) to easily scale the total effect of the plug-in
  • Beautiful Retina interface with unique interactive multiband display, designed for an optimal workflow
  • Accurate and smooth real-time frequency analyzer with pre- and post-processing options and ‘freeze’ feature
  • High-quality audio processing algorithms with 64-bit internal processing where needed
  • Band solo/mute and bypass options
  • Precise output metering

Get Bias FX Pro-MB Bundle