Waves IR360 Convolution Reverb

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Surround convolution reverb plugin – Mac/PC VST, AU, AAX Native

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Major motion pictures in 5.1 Surround require spatial emulation that is 100% believable. Only the astonishing accuracy and complete control of convolution reverb will do. That’s why top sound engineers choose Waves IR360. This phenomenal processor delivers the epic impact of Surround sound using the cutting-edge science of impulse response technology. The result is sound so real, you won’t just hear it. You’ll be there.
  • Surround convolution reverb plugin
  • Delivers the sampled sound of world-famous venues
  • Includes over 100 impulse responses of spaces and devices
  • Capture and create your own convolution reverbs
  • Early reflections buildup
  • RT60 extends reverb time up to four times while preserving natural envelope and frequency content

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