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Collections of 5 orchestral instruments – Mac/PC, AU, RTAS, AAX

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Film Score Companion
Are you interested in Film or TV scoring? After all where would we without great music in video games, TV shows or film. You can have all the incredible effects in the world. Plus outstanding actors, and great writing, but music is the backbone of what the filmmaker or video game artist is trying to convey.  CGI, fantastic scripts and that awesomely delivered line at just the right moment are all enhanced by the the swelling of strings. Or the tension provided by that great bass line, perhaps the feel good song from our youth.

Film or TV scoring makes music more than just music

When timed correctly with the right theme from sci-fi to teary eyed drama it can make a scene. Music conveys feeling and heart in a drama or the downright scariness of the character descending down the basement stairs while we all shout as one, don’t go down there!  Grand-scale, car chase, end-of-the-universe games and everything in between, without the right music the audience will feel something is missing. Film or TV scoring as well as music for video games enhances our enjoyment of the show or game.

Think  Jaws without the menacing drun-da, drun-da, drun-da in the background? If you hear that now, doesn’t a little shiver go up your spine? We know that it announces the imminent arrival of one of most infamous villains in film. Who doesn’t hear that and recognize it instantly?

Are you looking to be the next John Willams, Howard Shore, Danny Elfman or Hans Zimmer? Or did you just want to add some awesome sounding music to your lockdown videos? Either way you need the most professional sounds you can get in a very affordable package, and that is Film Score Companion!

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In Depth

This is an amazingly capable suite comprised of 5 distinct collections:

  • Orchestral Companion Brass
  • Orchestral Companion Strings
  • Orchestral Companion Woodwinds
  • Eighty Eight Ensemble
  • Big Bang Cinematic Percussion


Each of the 5 collections above is also available and sold separately, but you get all 5 together when you buy Film Score Companion, giving you an unbeatable arsenal of total musical firepower. The music you create is limited only by your imagination—not by your software.

We spared no effort or expense in seeking out the best musicians playing the best-sounding instruments, and we took the necessary steps to record them correctly in the most lifelike manner possible. We paid attention to every last acoustic detail—because we know you’ll be doing the same.

The recording details of how we did this are really interesting for the tech-inclined. Like you:

World-Class Musicians; Top-Tier instruments
We recorded everything in Film Score Companion in the legendary Futura Productions studios in Massachusetts. Members of the Boston Pops and/or Boston Ballet Orchestras played all performances, with the same premium instruments they use for their actual concert galas and events. A combination of spot and ambient mic’ing capture every instrumental nuance, while preserving the refined acoustics and intimacy of the performance space itself.

State-of-the-Art Sampling Sessions
Under the expert guidance of SONiVOX musical sound connoisseur Jennifer Hruska, each sample session was faithfully recorded by Emmy award-winning engineers Antonio Oliart and RIAA award-winning engineer John Bono. The players were positioned using orchestrally-correct seating, and measures were even taken to compensate for the sound-absorption of any players absent on that particular day. In order to retain a realistic “organic” feel, we used absolutely minimal post-recording electronic processing. We used two B&K 4011 microphones to preserve the highly-desired front-of-hall sound (you know, the “good seats”), while superior-grade spot mics accurately captured each instrument’s individual detail. Benchmark-caliber preamps fed Troisi Octal A/D convertors to complete an uncorrupted signal chain.

We’ve endeavored to make Film Score Companion the most complete, most accurate and lifelike, easiest-to-use music creation tool for films that has ever been done. That’s how important it was to us…because we know that’s how important it is to you.

Playable Programs
Each patch and preset is easily playable by virtually every level of performer. All instruments are presented in multi-velocity layers, with natural swells available via the modulation wheel. MIDI key switching provides on-the-fly articulation for select patches. The internal sound engine provides additional modulation (LFO) sources, dynamic envelope control, and studio-grade reverb/effects to allow creative customization of the onboard sounds.

Plug-In Proficiency
Each suite runs as a fully compatible plug-in with any VST (32 or 64 bit), AU (64 bit) , and AAX (32 or 64 bit) for ProTools 10.3 or higher Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software.