eMedia Singing Method MAC


Vocal Instructional Software – 30 Videos, 230 Lessons, Variable-speed MIDI tracks, Metronome – Mac

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Voice Lessons to Teach You How to Sing With Confidence
Whether you are new to singing, or already sing and want to learn how to sing better, eMedia Singing Method can help. Professional voice teacher, choral conductor, and soloist Ory Brown, M.M., has designed over 230 singing lessons to teach you how to sing and improve vocal technique. Her over 25 years of teaching and performance experience has included appearances at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and on the Late Show with David Letterman.

These singing lessons start with basics such as proper posture, breathing, and how to sing in time and in tune. Further voice lessons cover how to enhance vocal tone, project your voice, increase your range, improve diction, and develop skills such as vocal agility, expression, ear-training, and sight-reading. eMedia’s Interactive Feedback technology actually listens as you sing and shows you whether you are too high, too low, or right in tune! Over 80 great songs are included with recordings for all vocal ranges and include hits from Diana Ross and John Lennon. The singing lessons in this tutorial are an incredible value, as private voice lessons from an instructor of this quality would cost many times more than the cost of eMedia Singing Method.

This product will only run on MACs running Mojave (10.14) or earlier as it requires a 32bit OS. Beginning with macOS 10.15 (Catalina), Apple has eliminated the option to run 32-bit apps on the Mac. eMedia developers are currently working on software updates to support Catalina and future versions of macOS, but this is a major undertaking. They are currently unable to foresee how long it will take us to create these new versions.

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In Depth

Features include:

  • Over 30 videos and animations teach you about your voice and proper technique, and show how sound is produced by your body.
  • Over 230 interactive voice lessons teach you how to sing better by understanding breathing, resonance, how to form vowels and consonants, and much more.
  • Interactive ear-training and sight-reading tutorials with quizzes on intervals, matching pitches, and other topics to develop your ear and help you learn how to read music notation.
  • eMedia Interactive Feedback technology that displays the notes you are singing on screen in notation as the software listens to your singing via the computer microphone. You’ll see color coded notes that display when you are singing flat, sharp, or on pitch, and arrows to show whether you need to sing higher or lower.
  • Performance Evaluation technology that will listen to you sing the whole song, give specific feedback on mistakes, and provide an overall score.
  • Progress tracking with personalized reports on your voice lessons, including performance scores.
  • Songs cover a wide range of styles including folk, pop, jazz, R&B, opera, classical, and showtunes.
  • Hit songs such as “Imagine,” by John Lennon; “Dancing In the Street,” made famous by Martha and the Vandellas and David Bowie/Mick Jagger; “Stop! In the Name of Love,” made famous by Diana Ross and the Supremes.
  • Singing lessons and songs with audio and variable-speed MIDI tracks where selections can be looped, slowed, or sped up.
  • Professionally-arranged live piano accompaniments are included to help keep singing lessons fun and engaging.
  • A digital metronome to help develop your sense of rhythm, and a recorder so you can hear yourself and track your progress as you learn more about how to sing.

Unleash your inner voice and let it soar! Learn how to sing today with eMedia Singing Method!

Contents summary


I. Introduction to Singing
Matching Pitch; Introduction to Rhythm; Music Staff; Music Notation; Basic Rhythm Notation.

II. Your Body as the Instrument
Classifying Voices; Voice Range; How You Sing; The Larynx; Proper Standing Posture.

III. Breathing
The Diaphragm; Breathing Exercises; Abdominal Muscles; Engaging Your Abs; Tone Exercises.

IV. Supporting the Voice
The Sustained “S”; Regulating the Exhale; Suspended Breath; Independence of Tongue and Jaw.

V. Resonance
Exploring Vocal Resonance; Visualizing The Soft Palate; Tongue Position.

VI. Vowels
Role of Vowels and Consonants; Vowel Combinations.

VII. Consonants
Consonants; Proprioception; Using the Soft Palate.

VIII. Beginnning of Tone
The Beginning of Tone; Onsets; Offsets; Staccato.

IX. Sustained Singing
Sustained Singing; Maintaining Integrity of Onset; Sustaining Musical Phrases; Vocal Agility; The Melisma.

X. Parts of the Singing Voice
Parts of the Singing Voice; The Chest Voice; The Head Voice; The Mixed Voice; Increasing Your Range.

XI. Expression
About Expression; Expression In Poetry; Vibrato; Dynamics; Crescendo; Decrescendo; Messa di Voce.

XII. Songs for Practice
Vocal warm-ups; “Imagine;” “Stop! In the Name of Love;” “Dancing in the Street.”

XIII. Sight Reading

Hearing, Seeing and Singing Intervals; Scales; Scale degree.

Button Symbols; Commands and Shortcuts; Song Looping; Tools (Metronome, Recorder, etc).