QuestionsCategory: QuestionsA Little Lost – Can I Convert WAV files to individual tracks, and will RealBand generate a Chord chart from a wave file?
Joe B asked 6 months ago

Hi – Sorry to be such a noob…
I have BIAB Mega 2021 and RealBand 2021 running on my Windows 10 machine – 32 GB RAM and a quad core 3.6 Ghz processor.
I am hoping that BIAB can open and extract individual audio files to a DAW.  I would like to get individual instrument tracks, if at all possible.  Additionally, or alternatively, I would like either BIAB or RealBand to take recorded files from a bunch of Audio files I have for Jazz Standards and have it make a useable chord chart from the audio.  Is this possible?  Please provide the steps if you have answers in as childlike a method as possible.  🙂

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hillary Staff answered 6 months ago

Hi, you can save as individual .WAV files when you save the song. You can use the Audio Chord Wizard to analyze .WAV or other audio file formats to send chords to Band-in-a-Box. The best thing to do is check out the videos that BIAB has online for the steps to do this.
Thank you
Susan, customer service