AyaicWare Ceilings Of Sound – Pro

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Equalizer with 15-Ceiling bands each with a 50/31 band Linear Graphic EQ – Mac/PC VST, AU, AAX

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Ceilings Of Sound – Pro


Ceilings Of Sound PRO is our first Hyper-EQ and an equalizing beast!!!  We coupled the 15-ceiling bands and automatic ceiling generator with a 50/31 band Linear Graphic EQ…then we added a “conform spectrum to ceiling” feature that automatically conforms the EQ to the created ceiling shape. Now whether you’re working with one of our hundreds of presets, one of your own created presets or simply manipulating the ceiling shape of your raw sound source…perfect equalization is now only a click away. Ceilings Of Sound Pro is probably the most fun you’ll ever have using an equalizer and since the EQ is adhering to sound ceilings your source will always remain musical no matter what shape you create. This makes COS Pro the ultimate sound-design tool…so experiment away and let your creativity run wild.


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