Audiofier Sphaera


Ambient/cinematic instrument with 180 Sound Sources, sequencer and effects – Requires Full NI Kontakt 5.8.1

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Unpredictable Series of Audio Events
Welcome to the unpredictable sound dimension of SPHAERA
The perfect tool for Ambient, Cinematic, Electronic, & Generative music.

What is SPHAERA?
Sphaera will play very long audio files starting from a set sample position, which can be randomised as a granular sampler would. But each time the playhead is activated, Sphaera will swap to a different audio recording, generating beautiful cascades of  sounds.
Although the most exciting aspect of Sphaera is its unique playing mode, this instrument’s sounds can also be played in a usual fashion.
In the normal playing mode, Sphaera will play all selected sounds without any slicing. 

Unique Layout
While all the main controls are laid out at the bottom of the page, the rest of the page will visualise all the currently selected sounds as soon as a key is pressed. Spheric icons will show and hide in succession representing the current sound.


180 Sound Sources
60 Snapshots.

Unique Sounds Slicer.
Key/Scale Manager
Create Combinations with a click
Create Full Patch with a click

Convolver with unique IRs
Artefacts effect
2 bands Parametric EQ

How Does It Work?
With the main CREATE COMBI/PATCH button  generating a complete patch with new sounds and effects is as easy as clicking one button. Also it is possible to just swap sounds keeping the parameters and effects unaltered.

While it is fun to let Sphaera generate new combinations, this instrument allows precise control over each parameter to create the patch the user envisioned. 

The user will be able to set the sample start position for each sound, adding a randomising factor to the START POSITION value, so the script will choose a slightly different start position at each keypress.

The GRAIN LENGTH control sets the length of each sound slice, the portion of sound that is played from the set start position. and LENGTH RANDOM adds randomness to the slice length.

The GRAINS GAP knob sets the time separation between each sound slice.

The SOUNDS AT ONCE control can set up to 4 sound layers at once among the chosen sound layers.

The SOUNDS POOL control sets the number of sound layers among which the script will choose when randomising the sound slices.

The TIMING OPTIONS MENU offers several timing/speeds at which the sound slices will be triggered in succession when a key is played. In “FREE” mode the timing will be actualising the GRAINS GAP knob. In that event, the timing will vary slightly for each sound slice, creating interesting timing variations.

Effects and Sequencing
Sphaera includes a dedicated effects page with a CONVOLUTION REVERB, including many impulse responses, from simple reverb spaces to crazy sound alterations, a portamento effect, a three band equaliser, a unique artefacts effect which alters the notes transitions. And finally Sphaera sports a step sequencer with scale and key manager, like most of Audiofier’s instruments.

More Control
Sphaera  includes a full set of  ATTACK, HOLD, DECAY, SUSTAIN, and RELEASE controls that are applied to all sounds globally.
The RANDOM PAN control places each sound slice randomly in the stereo field.
The RANDOM OCTAVES control will transpose the played note randomly by intervals of 1 or more octaves.
The RANDOM AHDSR control will apply different ATTACK, HOLD, DECAY, SUSTAIN, and RELEASE values for each sound slice.

Tame the Uncontrollable
When the CYCLE FORWARD control is not activated, the sound slices will be triggered in a random order. Instead when this control is activated, the sound slices will perform in the same order one after the other each time the key is pressed.

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In Depth

More features
Ekorain also includes a Pitch Envelope control that can affect each Eko is different and creative ways
Ekorain’s scale manager (with 4 user selected scales recallable via key switch) ensures that all generated Ekos, while following the intervals set by the user, will never be out of key.

Pad Layer
Ekorain also includes a third layer which offers pad types of sound sources, which will complement the generated Ekos in specific music situations in which a thicker sound is required. Movement can be applied to the Pad Layer by turning on the Pad Step Volume, which includes Sequence presets and can also be randomised.

Ekorain sports an arpeggiator which can be used in conjunction with the Ekos effect. The arpeggiator includes all the usual suspect, but produces an exquisite aura of sound when the Ekos become embellishment of the arpeggiated notes at lower arpeggio rates.

Midi Drag & Drop
All Ekorain’s generated notes can be captured and exported via Midi Drag & Drop so you can use them with a different instrument on a different track.


  • 95 Sound Sources in 5 categories:
  • Organic, Physical Medeling, Granular, Analog Synth, Effected
  • 35 Pads Sound sources
  • 100+ Snapshots.


  • Ekos generation.
  • Arpeggiator.
  • Scale Manager with 4 Scales Key Switches
  • Pad Layer Step Volume Fx
  • Sound Randomiser with Undo/Redo
  • Midi Drag & Drop of Generated midi notes


  • Convolver with unique IRs
  • Pitch Envelope with several behaviours.
  • Random Panner.
  • Pad Freeze effect of last notes performed.