Steinberg VST Connect Pro 5

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Remote Recording Collabortion Tool for music production and audio for picture – Mac/PC VST3

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VST Connect Pro is a fully-featured, remote recording solution that lets anybody record a musician or other performer in professional quality, regardless of where each of them is on the planet. All they both need is an Internet connection and a computer.

  • Record up to 16 channels at up to 192 kHz
  • MIDI and VST3 support
  • Transfer uncompressed audio files
  • Includes cue mix section for optimal recording
  • Music with no boundaries

VST Connect Pro lets you expand your studio from its physical location to cover the whole world. It allows any musician with a computer, an internet link and the free VST Connect Performer app to be recorded direct on your studio DAW, even if they are on a different continent, because VST Connect Pro makes distance irrelevant. Not only that, but you can see and talk to each other, while the producer has full control over the recording session at both ends of the connection, including cue mix and talkback level.

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In Depth

Multi-track remote recording
Is a musician you want to work with thousands of miles away? No problem. Remote record in real time and the uncompressed audio files are loaded automatically in the background. And you never need to worry about the Internet connection – all VST Connect Performer HD recordings are saved on the musician’s local hard drive and can be reloaded into VST Connect Pro at any time. Worried about security? Don’t be – the unique data encryption system means that your work will always stay yours.

MIDI around the world
VST Connect Pro allows you to record MIDI and audio data live from a VST instrument loaded into VST Connect Performer, anywhere in the world. The artist can even connect a MIDI controller, leaving the session admin to record the incoming MIDI data directly in Cubase, together with the audio stream from the VST instrument.

It also works both ways – send MIDI data from your Cubase project, via VST Connect, to any MIDI compatible instrument or VST instrument connected to a remote instance of VST Connect Performer and record the incoming audio signal.

Remote audio-to-picture recording
The VST Connect architecture lets you stream video from the video track in Cubase or Nuendo to VST Connect Performer, allowing the artist using VST Connect Performer to see and perform in time with it. The display also shows the timecode, time, bars and beats of the Cubase or Nuendo project, helping your artist to stay precisely in synchronization. It includes individual settings for the display and on-screen arrangement of the video, the VST Connect webcam, VST Performer webcam and the time display.

VST Connect Performer
VST Connect Performer is a license-free, DAW-independent application for the musician being recorded to connect directly into your VST Connect Pro recording session. Available for PC, Mac or iPad, VST Connect Performer is remotely controlled from VST Connect Pro, freeing the musician to concentrate on their performance, be it vocals or an instrument sent as an audio signal. MIDI data or VST instruments can also be played in real time from VST Connect Performer to the VST Connect Pro session in real time. Meanwhile, VST Connect Manager helps you to maintain an overview of your recordings.

Flawless integration with quick-start recording
VST Connect Pro delivers the dream of a fully-featured remote recording solution, including flawless integration within Cubase Pro and Nuendo. Instantly initialize a remote recording session with everything handled automatically, including routing assignments, setting up the plug-in and much more. VST Connect Pro also utilizes the entire Control Room functionality of the host application, giving you full access to talkback channels and other features that make remote recording with it so intuitive.

Studio Pass
You can involve your client directly via the free Studio Pass app for iOS – the ideal complement for VST Connect Pro – wherever they are. They can dial in with an iOS device and you can send a live mix to them for their feedback. Studio Pass supports video for face-to-face communication and talkback capability, so the client can share their thoughts, request changes or give the final go-ahead for the mix – all with the convenience of coming from a portable iOS device.