Steinberg VST Connect Pro

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Complete remote networking recording solution – Mac/PC Cubase Pro 8.5 or higher

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Steinberg VST Connect Pro is a complete remote recording solution that lets you collaborate with any musician with an Internet connection and a computer anywhere on the planet. Data encryption, multi-track recording, live video chat, audio stream protection and MIDI support make geographical distance irrelevant to studio production workflows.

Key Features

  • Collaborate with other musicians and producers around the world
  • Peer-to-peer solution with sample accurate sync
  • MIDI support for sending and receiving MIDI data to your recording counterpart
  • Encrypted transfer for secure exchange of important audio material
  • Multi-channel support for remote recording of up to 16 channels
  • Up to 192 kHz audio support with downstream transfer of large-scale uncompressed audio files
  • One-Click setup lets you initialize your remote recording session in Cubase Pro in a second
  • Floating video window for individual screen setups
  • Cue mix section for optimal recording environment
  • LAN support for connections in your local network
  • VST 3 support for recording VST instruments via peer-to-peer connection
  • Free download client-side application with full remote control of session settings by the session administrator
  • FX inserts for VST Connect Performer to enhance the monitor signal on the performer side
  • Drag and drop file sending via VST Connect for easy exchange of song texts, playbacks or demos
  • New Design for smarter workflows and more convenience

New in VST Connect Pro 4
VST Connect Pro 4 makes it even easier to collaborate in the cloud. Log in with your MySteinberg account and directly find your collaborators within VST Connect. The user experience in VST Connect Pro has been further streamlined with many improvements, and it gets even better: users of VST Connect Pro 3 can move to version 4 absolutely free of charge!

  • Invite and manage your contacts directly in the global VST Cloud database using your MySteinberg account
  • Connect to VST Connect Performer conveniently with just a click
  • Search and find new collaborators within VST Connect
  • Switch between dry and wet signals when recording effect processed audio input

VST Connect Pro makes distance irrelevant to studio recording and production workflows. Record audio and MIDI via peer-to-peer connections in pro quality and connect directly with other musicians and producers via live video stream. VST Connect has the power to revolutionize the way musicians and producers interact over the Internet.

With encrypted transfer of audio files and multi-track support, VST Connect Pro offers studio-level remote recording from the internet and local area networks that’s secure, comfortable and creative. Meet your session collaborator face to face using the live video stream, all that’s needed are webcams hooked up to each system.

And: VST Connect Pro gives you full control over the recording session — on both ends of the connection. Adjust the cue mix of your performer and set up the talkback level remotely in VST Connect Pro just as though they were sitting right in front of you.

Perfect Integration
Experience the flawless integration of VST Connect within Cubase Pro. Initialize your remote recording session in the blink of an eye, with everything handled for you. This includes all the routing assignments, setting up the plug-in instelf and much more. VST Connect Pro also utilizes the entire Control Room functionality in Cubase Pro, giving you full access to Talkback channels and all the other accoutrements that make remote recording in Cubase Pro so intuitive. The dream of a fully featured remote recording solution has finally been achieved with VST Connect Pro.

Record up to 16 tracks in professional uncompressed quality with the help of VST Connect Pro. Drum recordings with a drummer who’s thousands of miles away? No problem. Remote record the stereo mix in real time and the uncompressed high-resolution multi-track audio files are loaded automatically in the background. The VST Connect Manager helps you to maintain an overview of your recordings.

The specially engineered backup and audio stream integrity system means that you don’t have to worry about the stability of the Internet connection; all recordings are saved on the local hard drive of the VST Connect Performer user and can be reloaded into VST Connect Pro. And the unique data encryption system means that your work will stay yours.

MIDI around the world
VST Connect Pro allows you to record MIDI and audio data live from a VST instrument loaded into VST Connect Performer anywhere in the world. The artist can even connect a MIDI controller, leaving the session admin to record the incoming MIDI data directly in Cubase — together with the audio stream from the VST instrument.

And it works both ways: send the MIDI data from your Cubase project via VST Connect to any MIDI compatible instrument or VST instrument connnected to VST Connect Performer and record the incoming audio signal in your Cubase. Setup is accomplished in seconds.

VST Connect Performer is a free client-side application that can be remotely controlled from VST Connect Pro, leaving the performers to concentrate on their music. It also means that your Cubase system can interface with any musician or performer with an Internet connection regardless of whether they use Cubase or not.

MIDI data or VST instruments can also be played live from VST Connect Performer and are channeled to the VST Connect Pro session in real time. To give you full security against data loss, VST Connect Perfomer saves the recordings locally so no session gets lost even if the Internet connection is interrupted.

Studio Pass
Involve the client directly through the free Studio Pass app for iOS, the ideal complementary for VST Connect Pro. Let your client dial in with an iOS device via Internet and send the mix live to the mobile device in order to receive the feedback needed to get the job done, no matter where the client is that very moment. Studio Pass supports video for eye-to-eye communication and talkback capability so that the client can feed back to you, request changes or give the final go for the mix, and all that conveniently from a portable iOS device.


Cubase Pro 8.5 or higher*
64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor (Intel i5 or faster recommended)
100 MB free HD space
Webcam or video input for live video transfer
Remote recording requires a minimum internet speed of 256 kBit/s
Internet connection required for activation, account setup and personal / product registration. Additional downloads may be required for the installation.
VST Connect Performer iOS and Studio Pass require iOS 9 or higher.

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