iZotope RX 8 Elements

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Audio Restoration and Repair Modules for Music and Post – Mac/PC AU, AAX, VST2, VST3, All plug-in formats are 64-bit only.
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RX 8 Elements includes a standalone audio editor with spectral editing, as well as four essential, real-time noise reduction plug-ins to fix clipping, hums, clicks, and unwanted background noise.

RX has long been the go-to audio repair and polishing suite for film, television, music, podcasts, video games, sample libraries, and more. With RX 8, we’ve created new tools and improved beloved modules to help you accomplish more in less time than ever.

What’s new in RX 8?
With version 8 we’ve added new features across the product lineup to speed up workflows and address new repair problems that plague today’s dialogue and music tracks. And we’ve also updated the Post Production Suite to include even more tools and value, making it the definitive choice for post production.

Surgical noise removal
Use a variety of tools to control, replace, or completely remove any unwanted noise in your audio—if you can see it, you can remove it.

Versatile modules for any situation
RX comes with modules that remove hum, clipping, clicks and even isolate dialogue from other noises.

Need assistance?
RX’s Repair Assistant diagnoses your audio and offers processing suggestions for challenging noises with one listen.

Discover RX

Horizontal Scrolling
You asked, and we listened. You can now scroll horizontally using your trackpad, touchpad, or mouse, just as you would in your favorite DAW.

Module Chain
Apply multiple-module processing in one fell swoop. Create a custom processing chain, in any order, any number of times, and render your audio with a single click. Or, use one of the included presets to apply a set of modules tailored to your needs.

Use 16 frequency bands and a detailed audio spectrum analyzer to help you quickly locate and attenuate any hum in a signal with unrivaled precision.

Repair Assistant (expanded!)
While it was also introduced for RX Elements, Repair Assistant became even more powerful in RX 7 Standard and RX 7 Advanced.
In addition to providing three repair options, Repair Assistant also includes intensity sliders to adjust the amount of processing applied (Light, Medium, and Aggressive), giving you a total of nine processing options, which are all previewable.

Depending on whether you choose Dialogue, Music, or Other before running Repair Assistant, the settings within each module it sets will change too, letting you dial in the right amount of audio repair processing for the job. (Of course, you can always continue fine-tuning your audio after running Repair Assistant.)

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