iZotope RX 7 Elements

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Audio Restoration and Repair Modules for Music and Post – Mac/PC Standalone, AAX Native, AAX AudioSuite, DPM AudioSuite, RTAS, VST 2, VST 3, AU
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RX Elements is the perfect introduction into the world of audio repair, featuring the new Repair Assistant which automatically finds and removes noise, clipping, clicks, and other problems that can plague your production audio.

The Industry Standard for Audio Repair
Designed specifically for the demanding needs of music and post professionals, RX 7 continues to be the industry standard audio repair tool used on movies and TV shows to restore damaged, noisy audio to pristine condition. Get full control over your audio, whether it’s isolating vocals, rebalancing mix elements, or changing the inflection of spoken dialogue.

The new frontier
RX has been on the forefront of innovation in audio repair since it was first released in 2007.  With RX 7, we’ve added the latest in machine learning technology, giving you the power to rebalance mix elements, strip away reverb, automatically repair issues, and more.

RX 7 for music
RX 7 introduces new features and workflows that allow you to easily edit, repair, and restore musical performances. Thanks to innovations in source separation and machine learning, you can now independently rebalance the levels of vocals, bass, percussion, and other instruments in a song, and even remove or isolate the vocals.

One edit to rule them all
The RX 7 Standard audio editor includes Composite View, which allows you to bring in up to 16 individual audio tracks and edit them as if they were one, easily addressing audio issues that appear across multiple microphones.

The latest advances in machine learning
Years of research and innovations in machine learning allowed us to solve some of the most impossible repair issues in audio post production, including changing the intonation of your dialogue, removing unwanted reverb, isolating dialogue from noisy backgrounds, and source separation of musical elements.

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