accSone Crusher-X Granular Synthesizer


Granular Synthesizer for Studio and Live – Mac/PC-VST, AU

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We invested in groundbreaking innovative features like the latency compensation, a surround capable multichannel, free spline editable compressor/expander/limiter and a unique modulation freezer. Don’t worry about leveling anymore, give the crusher-X feedback a shelter to become crazy! We listened to our rapid growing customer base and invested in the grain processing engine, MPE, offline rendering and UI optimizations to make the crusher the best in class live granulizer ever. And we invested again to improve accessibility for visual impaired / blind composers.

Granular synthesis revolutionized Sound Design, Electronic and Experimental Music. crusher-X does advanced granular synthesis on your live input in real-time!

It’s more than sound… it’s more than music … it’s the crusher!
crusher-X granular synthesizer and effect plug-in for Windows (VST 2.4 32bit and 64bit) and macOS (AU, VST 64bit)

Its powerful algorithm creates very complex sounds, drones and outstanding surround effects. The crusher-X trademark is known since 1999 as “the” granular effect standard. crusher-X is used by famous sound-designers, composers, musicians and film-makers all over the world. The professional, open-minded and curious “crusher-X community” creates outstanding, unique, multi dimensional sonic pieces.

Features: Around 150 presets, stereo and 10 channel surround outputs (e.g. 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, 8.2, 9.1), Up to 199 grain streams that are processed multi-threaded (Multi-Core CPU support). Advanced parameter editor with physical modeling faders and an unique physical modeling X/Y controller. 3D grain visualization, around 270 free assignable real-time plug-in parameters, real-time MIDI control, morphing system, parameter phase and frequency spread modulations (spreading modulations over several grain stream generators), modulation and grain quantization to host, pitch tracking and autotune system with keyboard input and visualization, long real-time grain lengths, individual grain overdrive, filtering, unique formant, X-crush and Diffuse grain processing. Shadow programs. Unlimited undo/redo and randomize functionalities. 13 adore parameters that do meta parameter modifications. Several granulation live buffer and freeze modes. Automatic triggered grain buffer filling modes. Free editable multi-channel Compressor/Expander/Limiter stabilizes feedback and output level behavior. Smart latency compensation system. MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) support. Comes with hundreds of different tuning scales and MIDI keyboard control of grain effect. 

The crusher-X algorithm is based on the traditional granular synthesis algorithm (Xenakis, Roads, Wilkins) invented in the early 1950s. In granular synthesis, short (e.g. 50 milliseconds) sound fragments, “the grains,” come from a fixed file buffer. The starting time, length and silence between the grains can be modulated. More than one grain at a time is possible, so you can create complex sound “clouds” from any sound signal.

In opposite to the “classic” file based approach, the crusher-X algorithm provides a floating grain buffer which allows real-time input and output. In this floating buffer the grains are created by several generators routed to several outputs (stereo or surround). One can apply many very unusual parameters to the grains such as Speed, Filter, Pan,  X-Crush, Overdrive or Diffuse  – all modulated with independent modulation sources and modulation phases, synchronized or not synchronized to the plug-in host. The accSone grain processing algorithms X-Crush, Overdrive and Diffuse are unique in the world of granular synthesis. A feedback loop can gerenate very complex and non-linear sounds.

Sound Design
crusher-X is the secret weapon for sound designers. Giving birth to unusual, uncategorized, never heard sounds flow, grain walls, drone walls, sonic explorations – that’s why granular synthesis exists. crusher-X unique multichannel surround sound feature is designed to make film scores outstanding. The “inner consistency” of grains that are modulated and smeared in phase and frequency over 10 surround output channels is the reason why composers are using crusher-X for their next level score.

For DJs
You are a DJ and looking for an unconventional, exceptional and stylish live effect tool? You feel bored about the staGranulize your Licksndard echo, filter and fading effects?

Granulize your licks
Add live crusher-X granular synthesis to your guitar play. Guitarist all over the world are using crusher-X as a pathfinder towards the world of experimental sound clouds. As crusher-X runs as an VST or AU effect it can be easily integrated in any Windows or macOS based gear. Plug-in to a new sound world and taste the reflections of hunderts of grains on your delicious play.

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