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  • Ableton Live Installation

    How can I install the latest version of Live? If you have automatic updates selected, your Live installation will always be the latest version. You can also download the latest installer from your account for a manual installation. How do I uninstall the program? To completely remove the software, follow our recommended uninstallation steps for… Read More

  • Ableton Live Backwards Compatibility

    Any set made in an earlier version of Live can be opened in any later versions of Live. For example, a set made in Live 9 can be opened in Live 10. Likewise a set created in Live 1-9, can be opened in Live 10. However sets created in later versions of Live can’t be… Read More

  • Ableton Live – Control Surface Mappings for Arturia products

    Since Ableton 9.6 release, our controllers are available in Ableton’s control surface device list. Here are the functions and controls pre-mapped on our controllers when used as Control Surface device: BeatStep Ableton + BeatStep Mapping KeyLab 25 Ableton + KeyLab 25 Mapping KeyLab 49/61/88 Ableton + KeyLab 49/61/88 Mapping MiniLab Ableton + MiniLab Mapping MiniLab… Read More