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Recording Software EXCLUSIVE | iZotope Neutron Adv and RX Bundle

Neutron 2 Advanced has 6 zero-latency modules – Gate, a static/dynamic Equalizer, two multiband Compressors, a multiband Exciter, and a multiband Transient Shaper, as well as an ultra low-latency True Peak Limiter. With these you can control every aspect of your music, from the visual soundstage of your tracks to the tonal balance of your mix.
RX 6 Elements is a budget-friendly version of RX designed for small home studios that need the basics. It includes a standalone audio editor with spectral editing as well as four essential, real-time noise reduction plug-ins – Voice De-noise, De-clip, De-click and De-hum

In this video Jerry runs us through the tools and processes of RX 6 and Neutron 2 to clean up a voice-over.

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iZotope Neutron Advanced
Multi-processor Plug-in Bundle including EQ, Compressor, Transient Shaper, Exciter, and Limiter Modules, Track Assistant,  Masking Meter and Tonal Balance Control

Tonal Balance Control
Visual Mixer
Masking Meter
Improved Track Assistant
Improved Neutrino Mode
EQ, with EQ Learn
Transient Shaper
Surround Support
Over 500 Presets

RX Elements
RX 6 features cutting-edge technologies for post production like lav mic de-rustle, dialogue isolation, and intermittent low-end wind rumble removal. It also introduces creative approaches to age-old music recording problems like microphone bleed, sibilance, mouth clicks, and breaths.

Voice De-noise

Get Neutron 2 RX Bundle

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